About Special Events

Other than classes DMT offers different types of experiences including Retreat Evenings, Festival Workshops and Private Events. To book DMT please email Michael Patrick at booking@dancemt.com

——> Retreat Evenings:

Need a Retreat but don’t want to spend $500+ dollars or travel hours and hours? DanceMT offers monthly retreat evenings that transform a Saturday or Friday night out into a restorative, insightful and refreshing experience. DMT has pioneered the spiritual event scene in SE, MI putting on over 75 retreat evenings at various studios and venues across SE, MI. We also have been Yoga Shelters most well attended and profitable evening workshop ever. These retreat evenings have been simple and stream lined or intricate and involving more than a dozen special guests, live painters and more. A complete gallery of past events will soon be available. To see the some of our previous event fliers, click here

——> Festival Workshops:

Over the course of the years, we have participated in several local festivals and at each one have been the most well attended workshop. We help people get past the fear of moving, past the fear of each other and into the wide open space of being truly supportive to self and others, which greatly contributes towards the good spirit of the festival as a whole. If you would like to book DMT at your festival or event, email Michael Patrick at: booking@dancemt.com

——> Private Events:

I have provided private event experiences for couples getting married and look forward to more opportunities to bring the joy of this practice to your special Life event. If you would like to book a DMT teacher for your own private event, email Michael Patrick at: booking@dancemt.com


To see a catalog of some of our past events, click here.



DMT @ Detroit Music Hall

Temple of Devotion @ Concourse Hall