About DMT

Lose 100lbs of emotional weight in 90 minutes with Dance Meditation Technique, the most beautiful and transformative whole being work out on earth. ™

This 90 minute un-choreographed whole being workout, is a drug free, scientific technique and art for transforming tension into creativity  created by Michael Patrick the founder and principle artist of Imagine Do.  

4In only 5 years since it began close to 5,000 people have experienced Dance Meditation Technique making it the most well attended and well known monthly workshop of it’s kind ever in Michigan and the midwest. DMT is pioneering the movement meditation field and helping individuals rediscover the joy of unguarded expression, release pent up tension, discover deeper layers of their creative potential and become aware of the subtle energies at play that keep us at a distance from our own deep feelings and our ability to have intimate relationships with others – all while receiving a potent and beautiful workout.

More on the practice from Michael Patrick

This is a basic and simple practice. There is nothing mystical or magical about it. If you keep a dog locked in a cage for a week and then try to let it out and train it it will be all but impossible. There are certain things a dog needs in order to be able to be trained, the primary of which is it’s accumulating physical energy needs to be exhausted regularly. Our mind is the exact same way yet so many people are trying to sit and meditate, or undo certain habit patterns prior to having let their ‘dog out of the cage and into the park.’ Physical tension is only one of the tensions that we experience as human beings. Basic Physical tension can be relieved by pretty much any physical exercise yet emotional and mental tension require a more dynamic practice in order to find relief. As you will see from the testimonials, this practice is particularly potent in delivering physical, mental and emotional relief. In addition to the temporary relief aspects are the by-products of experiencing mental and emotional relief and those by-products are what is commonly known as ‘creativity.’ This practice not only can provide you with the 3 big reliefs it will, if practiced with regularity, bring your creative side to Life and if your creative side is already alive then it will expand it tremendously.