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Nov 9-12 2017 DMT Certification Immersion Weekend & Pre-Req

Do you want to more deeply understand the principles behind Dance Meditation Technique and become certified to share the practice and help your community Feel Supremely Alive again? Are you interested in becoming more aware about some of the most common spiritual misconceptions and misunderstandings and getting clear and consice about them? 


Sign Up by Oct 1 for Pre-Req classes. 
1 per week from Oct 25th to Nov 9
1 exercise per week + 1 private session per week w/me on phone, skype or in person if possible.

Overnight Immersion Weekend
Thur 7pm: Meet, greet, tea, snacks orientation & FoliDMT workshops. FoliDMT is how the DMT relates to percussion. No experience on percussion is needed and often times helpful. 
Fri 8am – 9pm: Details TBD
Sat 8am – 9pm Details TBD
Sun 8am -4pm Details TBD

For those who end up deciding to teach this practice after the training you also receive 5 additional training engagements for your first 5 classes. Details are explained in the terms and conditions. 

Cost: 1,500.00

600.00 for those wanting to ONLY attend the weekend and not take the certification. 

The weekend includes organic vegan meals, drinks and a take home binder of study materials, exercises, reference materials including playlist recommendations, discounts on audio gear, Altar items and home grown incense bundles and a few other sweet things.

In this Certification Program with the Pre-Req and Immersion Weekend you will learn about analytical meditation, judgement, safe space, the power of music, the power of movement, the power of the voice and the power of the spacious mind and many of you will come out of it with the ability and understanding to effectively share the DanceMT.

To Sign Up email or call 248 910 3351
Terms and conditions as well as payment programs are gone through as part of the sign up process. Payment plans are available.