Student Testimonials

“Who knew all I needed was 90 minutes of DanceMT to feel happy again?”
– Rachel Millyard

“Dance Meditation Technique IS an amazing experience.”
– Srikala

“Thank you Michael and Imagine Do, I think I may have been waiting my whole life for this night. ♥”
– Jewell Westindorb

“It is amazing event of healing, connection, and community. I love it.”
– Barbra White

Meg Paul, a full-time faculty member of Maggie Allesee Department of Theatre and Dance at Wayne State University. Artistic Director of the WSU Dance Workshop and Program Director for the Complexions Detroit Summer Intensive says;

“As a former principal dancer with the Joffrey Ballet and dance captain for Broadway’s Movin’ Out, dance has been my living and my life. Now that I am retired from my professional career on the stage, I have searched for an experience that will allow me to tap into the deeper parts of myself in a freer, more expressive way. I have enjoyed and benefited from many types of yoga and Pilates classes and through my connections with these communities, I found one of the most profound experiences to date; Dance Meditation Technique. Dance Meditation Technique is special. It has led me to the greater truth of who I am and has allowed me to find real compassion for myself and for all of Life. Through the creative mix of DMT’s teachings, catharsis, music and free style movement, I leave the class exploding with happiness, my emotional clutter exhausted and my greater truth loud and clear for me to hear. The facilitators are generous, caring people who create an environment that allows for practitioners to feel, move, express and release in the name of Love. Thank you, Michael, for creating a place and a space where we dance for the greater good of all.”

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l have to say, something in me changed at that Dance Meditation Technique last night!!!! flyer says drop 100 pound of emotional weight, i felt like i lost that and more!!! Oh it was beautiful i wish there was a DMT every week!! Thank you Imagine Do!

Trinity Loretta

Thank you so much for having the DMT event last night! I released some big things and I felt so light that it seemed like I was walking on air! Everything about it was awesome!

Alecia Fredenthal

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Loved every moment of the Dance Meditation Technique. My wild came jumping out & released pass energy. Now even more Closer to being my authentic self Thank you for providing a safe space!

Camellia Lynn Noble

Thank you to the organizers, the musicians, the artists, the performers, and EVERYONE (JAY!) who helped create such a sacred space. It was healing, uplifting, humbling, and centering. I will definitely go again. Namaste.

Leslie Jurate Rzeznik

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“Spent last evening in this huge beautiful barn with about 60 other souls for DanceMT creating starlight and amazing energy! The experience was like none other…so magical! Can’t wait to do it again.”

Tonya Wozny

“Thank you so much, Dance Meditation Technique. I wanted to let you know I used to be a full time dancer at a studio from the time from when I was 3 just until just a few months ago…So I’ve taken thousands upon thousands of dance classes, and last night was by far the best hour and 18 of minutes of dancing I have ever experienced. Thank you, thank you! ♥ ♥”

Hannah Goike

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“I can hardly find the words to express my gratitude and the joy and abundance I feel after experiencing your dance meditation class on Friday and Saturday. I am truly, deeply moved on a soul level. It felt like a coming home to me. I have always dreamed that something like this would exist and I thank you so much for making it a reality. The moment the music started I was overcoming with a feeling of “this is IT, this is what my spirit has been waiting for.”

Jessica Yarborough

“The Dance Meditation Technique allows for creative spirit to flow through me in an environment that is safe and personal. It’s easy to join in to the dance flow because no one is watching, or witnessing my spirit-led movements, and yet it is a clear container for The Dance. I am grateful to have found a practice that embraces my own spiritual yearnings to be creative with movement and sound!”

Abby Alwin

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“Thank you for a powerful night! I feel like I am back in my body from being gone from it for a week or more! Thank you Thank you Thank you!! I knew this is right where I had to be! and it showed it self to be true! ♥ Amazing play list woo hoo”

Angela Sabatini

Megan Korb, IBM Recruiter, Entrepreneur, Nia Facilitator and former board member of Song of the Morning Yoga Retreat, says;

“I’ve had the opportunity to experience DMT on a few different occasions now, in larger group settings. The experience guides the participant through a personal journey of inward focus with thoughtful transitions between the stages of the Dance Meditation. Participants are directed to focus internally and express freely through their movement to carefully selected rhythms and beats. My personal experience was that it was a celebration of the body and soul, allowing the mind to take a backseat for an hour. Being trained in similar dance movement arts, I know the importance of dance and how by physically moving our bodies, we can actually free emotional and energetic blockages. DMT takes that art a step further and introduces moments of meditation in its conclusion that can only remind me of the sensation of the final yoga pose in a session, honoring the value of the silence found after. After a class I would feel the benefit on a physical, as well as, spiritual level. Regardless of one’s physical abilities, or timidness with dancing, it appeared everyone enjoyed and benefited from the experience. DMT is something better experienced than defined through words, so I recommend joining in a class and seeing what it brings out in you!”

“Attended my first meditation dance last night. It is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much for the opportunity to explore the inner connection through the body in movement. I have had a number of musculoskeletal issues in recent years and dancing/moving in deep connection and communication of spirit in form brought a deep uncoiling in tight places. I feel so good today and slept like a baby.”

Leslie Tuchman

“DMT is such a wonderful gift! It opens my heart and fills me with love from head to toe. Each DMP event blesses me in different ways, but most often I am left with feelings of deep peace, joy, gratitude, devotion, and inspired creativity. I am especially grateful for the safe space that is created and the opportunity to dance and meditate within a beautiful community of like-hearted people. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Erin Stohl

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“My husband and i are on a Christian spiritual path. We brought our 21 year old grand-daughter and her friend with us to a meditation dance with Imaginedo last summer. Our grand daughter is very involved in local food & earth sustainability projects. Her friend is involved with the Spirit Science movement. Our 40 yr old friend, a practicing Wiccan, came with us to Imaginedo as well. We all loved the dance! We appreciated the energy and the sense of Presence we all felt dancing with people of so many different ages and spiritual expressions. We worshiped, evoked, emoted, petitioned, and moved into the One. Embodying the Divine; each in our own way. We were raising the consciousness of the planet, praying for peace with our feet.”

Mary Delisle

“Hi Michael! I hope this message finds you well. I met you awhile back at one of your DanceMT events at the Yoga Shelter. I wanted to thank you again for such an amazing experience. I had never done DanceMT before, and I could not have asked for a better introduction to the practice. It really moved me as it allowed me to put my guard down and truly let go. In a world that can feel at times so full of social molding & judgement, DanceMT was a breathe of fresh air. I felt an overwhelming sense of inward and outward connectedness with myself and with others through your practice of self-expression. So I thank you for exposing me to your passion. I believe it’s important to let others know of their impact, as it provides the encouragement for them to keep doing what makes them feel so alive.”

Brooke Scott

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“I have never been to a dance meditation conducted so seamlessly. Michael puts all of his effort into each and every detail of the meditations from the food to the music to the venue and it is clear that he has found a calling in putting these meditations together. He is interested in what everyone has to say about their experience and always looking to find ways to make it a better event. The enthusiasm and joy which is the driving force behind these meditations comes from his own experience with their transformative and healing power which he wants to share with others. He wants, above all, to create a community and to keep the experience centered around people discovering themselves and through that each other.”

– Avni Mehta

“DMT has returned to me a very special piece of my heart and soul. Movement and dance have always been a large part of my life but sadly for many years I let other things take priority. It was on a restless night that I found the information that lead me to the 11-11-11 DMT event and since attending that evening I have reconnected with dance and also found a greater depth of self discovery, love and release. Years ago while studying dance we used to say “dance it out.” It didn’t matter if you were having a rough day, extremely happy, frustrated, sad, etc. When you come you dance you dance it out – hold nothing back, pouring all emotions into the dance and in the end you feel lighter and connected. Having the supported space and opportunity to dance in this way is extremely important and wonderful for me and why I am grateful for DMP.”

Jenny Convery

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“Dance Meditation Technique enriches every aspect of my being – physical agility and endurance, emotional release and rebirth, fresh perspectives in my imagination and awareness, and a profound connection to Divine Love. It teaches me to surrender, to trust, and awaken parts on the frontier of myself to love into being. I always feel safe and accepted with the community that gathers through this practice, and no longer have any fear to allow creative movement in everyday situations. I know the practice has had deep effects on my being that I don’t even know, because it will constantly surprise me in moments outside the practice, to liberate me from stagnant energy.”

Michael Mallon

 “Good Morning! Just wanted to pass along… I’ve already gotten a few comments from the ladies here at the yoga studio this morning about how lighthearted I look/feel this morning!! Your practices really work wonders for release. Infinite love and appreciation to the whole Dance Meditation Technique family!”

Katie Jane

 “Michael, I’m currently pursuing a path in yoga through Carrie Collins’ BTribe (Bhakti Yoga Brooklyn, MI) teacher training and attended your DMT this past Saturday night. I wanted to take the time to tell you about my experience and what a beautiful soul you are! I was very iffy about the whole DMT experience; one because I don’t dance and two because I was afraid to let myself be me; to just let go. I always loved to dance as a child but never thought I was good enough the older I got. The night of the DMT, I really felt my inner child break free. the smiles and laughter that I felt take over my body were amazing. You made a comfortable environment for people to move with the music and not care what the heck anyone thought of them. Each song you played made me dance a different style that I didn’t even know I was even capable of doing. Thank you for this great experience and allowing everyone to feel beautiful for the night! Jay!!!”

Erica Michelle

“I was at your DanceMT event in Brooklyn on Saturday as part of Carrie’s tribe and wanted to share some thought about it with you.

The experience was all I anticipated and more. It freed me in a way that I was not expecting and took me into an unexpected place/trance. During most of it I had a loop going through my head of “You are strong, you are powerful, you are beautiful and you are graceful.” These are not words that immediately come to mind for myself. Your laughter was infectious and I could not help by laugh along with you. Thank you for sharing your joy with us.

PS: Everyone I saw afterwards asked me what I was on and all I could say was “LIFE!!!” but if you had asked me to drink the Juice/Kool aid I would have.”

Jen Phen

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“My intention for the DMT Event was to let go. I have been eaten by the “Black Hole” for so long. Alone in my car before this event, I couldn’t even yell. Like it scared me or something. I was unable to even laugh. There is something beautiful in silence, but there is something equally as beautiful and empowering to scream, shout, and let all hell break loose from your mouth in the form of war cries and howls!! smile emoticon It’s such a beautiful release. I had an epiphany while I was dancing.. Not caring feels damn good. That’s why people often get drunk: they want to release but they haven’t found their voice and can’t let go without being intoxicated. If everyone could dance and sing with freedom we wouldn’t drink. We wouldn’t hurt our bodies to feel happy. I plan to continue to dance to express myself with no reservations and to fill myself with starlight!! grin emoticon Thank you Michael for sharing this art with me!”

Julie Renea Hawthorne

 “That big beautiful barn, full of Starlight!

I have to say I’d never had an experience like this before. Yeah, I’d been out dancing in the clubs with friends but that is an experience that is full of judgement, drama and tension among other things. The DMT experience let go of all that. It was so freeing. You got to let go of judgement, drama and tension – on many levels – emotionally, physically and spiritually. Letting loose, dancing your fool head off and shouting to release your aggressions.

The demonstrative experiment of black hole energy vs. starlight energy at the beginning was profound. And once we identified the difference, got comfortable with each other and the beat dropped, it was ON! 90 minutes of pure release – energetic bliss!

Thank you for your kind thoughts and words of wisdom, for holding the space and sharing this experience with others – I wish more could experience it! And that joyous laugh! Infectious!

Also, from my post on facebook the day after the event, I’ve had so many people ask me about my experience. Once I explain it to them then they ask, “when is the next one? I must do this!” Helping to spread that starlight!

Aho! HeyYa! You are doing it right! May we all be the light!”

Tonya Wozny

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