Studio Owner Testimonials

“Wow! This is such a blessing. Many of you know that we have been “calling in” DANCE to our space. Our prayer has been heard and DANCE is coming to us in epic ways! Michael Patrick Peters is a beautiful human. The experience and healing that can result from his Dance Meditation Technique are known to make even the most timid of motion MOVE with passion and soul. If you like to dance- YOU WILL LOVE THIS. If you’re terrified of dance- I’d put money on something miraculous occurring with this experience. I’ve practiced DMT…it moves what is stuck. It dissolves fear. It untangles the knots. It FREES the soul and OUR SOULS KNOW HOW TO DANCE.”

– Carrie Lune Collins, owner of Bhakti Yoga of Brooklyn, MI

“I was so moved by my experience that I knew I had to share this experience with as many people as I know. I immediately booked Michael for a series of workshops at the studio. Michael is truly an amazing person. The Dance meditation workshops have been a way for me to connect with myself and many family and friends that have passed on. It allowed me to release negative energy and stress and to really focus on the many positive events of my life. I would recommend this workshop to everyone I know. I look forward to having many more meditations at One Spirit Dance and Fitness.”

– Kelly Hassan, owner of One Spirit Dance and Fitness in Pinckney, MI

“The DMT Experience is nothing short of just that, an uplifting experience like no other that lifts the heart and stirs the soul! The DMT evening at our yoga studio was a well attended event that left our clients wanting more, so we have scheduled a second DMT date and plan to do more in the future.

Michael is nothing short of a wonderful host and his warm, welcoming, positive energy is contagious. Before the dancing even begins, he does a fabulous job of bringing everyone together as a group and showing them simple techniques to make everyone feel at ease and release their inhibitions so that they can truly let go and feel at one dancing with their own soul once the music begins. Although DMT is unique and the paths are different, the parallels between DMT and a Yoga practice are many and the end results strikingly similar and complementary. We discovered that like Yoga, DMT is a release which helps people into one point focus, let go and find one’s True Self.

Our clients had a blast free-flow dancing to their own beat and whirling around on our practice room floor as Michael’s beautiful love electronica music filled the air. The personal expression and liberation that the dancing brings out is fantastic and we found ourselves not only dancing, but exclaiming with joy, striking yoga poses, and coming down to the floor to rest or meditate at different points throughout the dance.

Artists Michael brought sit in the midst of it all, free-flow painting and sketching their inspirations as they capture the energy of the room. Michael closes the evening with a guided meditation and a sense of community as everybody spontaneously gathered for a sing-along to the beat of Michael’s ? (not sure what the name of that instrument is you played??).

Then we all reflect on the evening over hot soup and tea as we view the artist’s renderings and write messages of love on Michael’s prayer flags. The energy was so strong no one wanted the evening to end! Mere words simply cannot adequately express the uniqueness of a DMT evening and the uplifting, open-heart experience that is felt and enjoyed by all – it is LOVE in its purest form. We can’t wait to have Michael back at our studio again and will always welcome him with open arms. Namaste! DJ Baksheesh.”

White Lotus Yoga Studio in Romeo, MI

“DMT – Dance Meditation Technique is a way to explore and let go of built up tension and emotions. My personal experience is that it made me feel like I was glowing from the inside out! Amazing! Since our experience at the Grosse Pointe Studio, I have made it a priority to attend as many DMT workshop events that I can.

One of our clients, who have attended many healing arts workshops, expressed that this was the most healing and powerful experience she has ever had! Wow! As a yoga studio manager this experience brought tears to my eyes as I felt my students around me opening up, exploring, and “Just Glowing”. At that moment I knew that this was the right decision to bring DMT into our studio/home! It was magical!

I really appreciated Annette and Michael’s attention to detail in the explanation of DMT before the practice began. This made people feel nurtured, loved, supported and safe! Their playlist enhanced our experience beyond words. Professionally, meeting with Annette and Michael was an instant connection. We met in person one time to see if DMT would be a right fit for our yoga community. From there, Michael and Annette helped with the promotion and setting up of our first DMP Event. Michael and Annette were quick in responding to my emails and questions, a pleasure to work with. After the success of our event, two more were immediately scheduled at our other Yoga Shelter studios and were a huge success! We have another on the books for April, in which our community is looking forward to.”

– Christy Manown, Studio Manager of Yoga Shelter in Grosse Pointe, MI

“I was honored to host the Dance Meditation Technique at Yoga Shelter West Bloomfield!  It was a tremendously enriching experience for our students to be able to participate in to allow them to explore their boundaries and break new ground into their own creative journeys.

Michael Patrick Peters- a big personality with so much passion and heart and a wonderful presence in the room really helps people let down their walls and connect to something permanent and soulful. I was amazed at how easily students were able to break free from their attachments and dive into exploring something outside of themselves in a safe and secure environment.

Annette Aquino has such a light and beautiful energy that made all feel welcome, supported and nurtured throughout the evening.  The dynamic love she radiates encourages light-heartedness and compassion that goes along with treating ourselves with care as we dive into exploring who we truly are, taking us beyond our traditional yoga practice and complimenting it with a freedom unlike many other things.

The opportunity to bring DMT to our studio also brought with it new students into our space who would not have normally visited and so allowed us to connect to a diverse and larger community outside our typical one. I look forward to experiencing DMT again in the future and hope that others will continue to have the opportunity to explore this creative and exciting program!”

Sarah Edwards,Studio Manager of Yoga Shelter in West Bloomfield, MI

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“DMT joined us for our festival leading ecstatic dance, deep meditative vibrational healing, and decoration for one of our stage spaces. To bring a sense of intimacy for the dance meditation experience, Michael and his crew constructed a ring of bed sheets tided between the stage and surrounding trees. The sheets were decorated in co-collaboration by festival guest with paints. The creation of the decorated bed sheet enclosure was left up for the other performers and participants to experience through the entire length of the event. The experience that the DMT crew offered produced reviews of positivity and wonder from many of our participants. Deeply grateful to have collaborated with them and wish to be involved again with them for future events.”

Nicholas Bryce, Producer of Wompapalooza 2012

“Imagine Do, creator Michael Peters; DJ Baksheesh. This is the kind of man who inspires greatness. I have had the honor of working with Michael in several yoga workshops where he brings his integrity toward healing and the ancient practice of meditation and yoga. The Dance Meditation Technique Workshop, which he brought to our traditional yoga community, was a beautiful class where students were able to release and meditate. His introduction was thorough and I felt very comfortable with the way he led the class and connected with each individual student. Michael’s unique dmt was a joy to have at Updog Yoga. We paired it with yin and it made for an amazing night. The feedback from students was extremely positive with numerous break throughs expressed. The energy this teacher brings is high and loving. We, at Updog, are honored to have had dmt grace our studio and look forward to more of the kind.”

– Yvonne Clark, Yoga Teacher at UpDog Yoga in Rochester, MI

“Michael Peters, creator of Imagine Do and of the DMT (Dance Meditation Technique) events brings a precious gift to the Metro Detroit area. In this chaotic political, social, and economic environment, Michael’s DMT events offer an opportunity to step into a place of meditation and connect with the body to dance out the negative energy acquired by living in this environment. Michael’s monster sound system kicks out a playlist of spiritually infused music ranging from the rockin’ to the sublime with accompaniment from live drummers and instrumentalists. Each event also offers an ever evolving program of guided meditation, chanting, good food and live music and art. These events bring healing and strength on a very deep level; it is food for the body, mind and soul. Thank you Michael, for having the vision and doing the hard work necessary to make connection to self, community and Spirit a vital part of the new paradigm.”

Don Allen, Owner of Drums 4 Wellness in Southeast, MI

“Dance Meditation Technique is an amazing way to let yourself feel free, uninhibited, joyful, and truly dance like no one is watching. In today’s society, dancing is typically paired with mood modifying substances. If ones wishes to go out and dance, the options are limited to a loud bar late at night, surrounded by intoxicated individuals. Typically the only time most of us dance is to bad music at weddings. Michael Peters provides a safe environment for personal development through physical movement in a nonjudgemental arena. A very unique opportunity. Michael conducted several DMT sessions at my massage school. He is so respectful of our space, and the dancers truly appreciated the opportunity. Everyone loved the experience! The best way to understand DMT is to experience it. Go dance!”

Kathy Skubik, Executive Director of Irene’s Myomassology Institute in Southfield, MI