“Who knew all I needed was 90 minutes of DanceMT to feel happy again?”
– Rachel Millyard

“Dance Meditation Technique IS an amazing experience.”
– Srikala www.srikalogy.com

“Thank you Michael and Imagine Do, I think I may have been waiting my whole life for this night. ♥”
– Jewell Westindorb

“It is amazing event of healing, connection, and community. I love it.”
– Barbra White www.acceptedasiam.com

“Dance Meditation Technique is an amazing way to let yourself feel free, uninhibited, joyful, and truly dance like no one is watching. In today’s society, dancing is typically paired with mood modifying substances. If ones wishes to go out and dance, the options are limited to a loud bar late at night, surrounded by intoxicated individuals. Typically the only time most of us dance is to bad music at weddings. Michael Peters provides a safe environment for personal development through physical movement in a nonjudgemental arena. A very unique opportunity. Michael conducted several DMT sessions at my massage school. He is so respectful of our space, and the dancers truly appreciated the opportunity. Everyone loved the experience! The best way to understand DMT is to experience it. Go dance!”

Kathy Skubik, Executive Director of Irene’s Myomassology Institute in Southfield, MI